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Đề+Đ.án vào 10 năm 2013

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Quốc Tịch (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 23h:02' 18-07-2013
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Part 1: Pick out TWO WORDS whose underlined parts are pronounced /s / (0.5 m) pens, says, books, faces, months, cars Part 2: Choose the word or phrase in brackets that best completes each sentence. (1.5 m) 1. You seem to be quite good (for / about /at /to)..................................physics. 2. - A: "I suggest fixing the dripping faucet." - B: “(We will/ Good idea! / Yes, please/ You are welcome)....." 3. - A: How (far / long / often / much).................do you play football? - B: Twice a week. 4. He always takes full (advantage/ benefit / profit / advice)..............of the mistakes made by the competitors. 5. Mount Pinatubo, which is a volcano in (a / an / the / some)................Philippines, erupted in 1991. 6. Students in secondary schools should wear uniforms,(shouldn’t they/should they/should he/shouldn’t he)...? Part 3: Give the correct form of the verb in brackets. (1.5 m) 1. Our friends suggest (go)going on a picnic next week. 2. Please don`t make so much noise. I (check)am cheking my assignment before handing it in. 3. Our dustbins (empty) are emptied every Monday. 4. Just as I (wonder) was wondering what to do next, the phone rang. 5. Maryam wishes she (have) would have a trip to Viet Nam again next year. 6. Congratulations, Trang. You (just, win)have just won the first prize in the English Speaking Contest. Part 4: Give the correct form of the word in brackets. (1 m) 1. This stamp (collect) collection is valuable. 2. The villagers welcomed the visitors (warm).).warmly 3. In some areas, water has to be boiled to (pure)..........purify............it. 4. Don`t worry about the volcano. It`s been (act)........inactive.........for years. Part 5: Read the following passage carefully and do the following tasks: (1.5m) A. Use one of the following words to complete each numbered blank: (1m) strongly, were, special, made, and, dyed Sailors first used jeans. They needed sturdy clothing. Their pants had to be strong. They found a (l) special type of cloth. This material was thick and (2)dyer blue. Genoa first made pants for the sailors. The first person to sell jeans was Levi Strauss. Later, famous stars (3)made jeans popular. Jeans really caught on with teenagers. Today, young people want to keep up with the trend. They want to stay fashionable (4)and buy designer jeans. B. Answer the following questions: (0.5 m) 1. Were jeans first used by teenagers? - > No, they weren’t / (No) 2. By whom were jeans first sold? - > Jeans were first sold by Levi Strauss. / ( by Levi Strauss) Part 6: Four phrases have been removed from the passage. Choose from the phrases A-F the one which fits each gap. ( 1 m) Earthquakes are most common (1)………….....bump against each other. More earthquakes happen (2)..............anywhere else. The plate that makes up the bottom of the Pacific is constantly squeezed by the surrounding plates. The pressure causes (3).......of the plate. The edge of the Pacific plate runs along the western coast of North and South America. Japan, China, eastern Russia, and the countries of Southeast Asia lie on (4)................. All of these places have frequent earthquakes. 2A. in the area around the Pacific Ocean than D. the focus of the earthquake B. in Earth`s crust between the huge plates 1E. in places where Earth`s plates 4C. the other edge of the Pacific plate 3F. earthquakes around the edges Part 7: Combine each pair of the following sentences into one, using the word in brackets. (1.5 m) 1. Nam has just bought a laptop. It is very expensive. (WHICH)
==>Nam has just bought a laptop which is very expensive 2. My mother was tired. She helped me with my homework. (ALTHOUGH)
==>ALTHOUGH my mother was tired, she helped me with my homework 3. My sister studied every subject hard. She won her school`s Best Student Prize last year (THEREFORE)
==>My sister studied every subject hard; THEREFORES, he won her school’s Best Student Prize last year Part 8: Finish each sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the one printed before it
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